erc20 balances

    ctc erc20 balances ARGS [options]

    output ERC20 balances of blocks / addresses / tokens

    # version 1: balance of single wallet across multiple tokens
    ctc erc20 balances WALLET --erc20s ERC20S [--block BLOCK]

    # version 2: balances of multiple wallets in single block (default = all wallets)
    ctc erc20 balances ERC20 [--block BLOCK] [--wallets WALLETS]

    # version 3: balance of single wallet across multiple blocks
    ctc erc20 balances ERC20 WALLET --blocks BLOCKS

    ARGS                 <see above>
    --block BLOCK        block number
    --wallets WALLETS    wallets to get balances of
    --blocks BLOCKS      block numbers to get balances at
    --erc20s ERC20S      ERC20 addresses to get balances of
    --raw                whether to skip normalizing by ERC20 decimals
    --export EXPORT      file path for output (.json or .csv)
    --overwrite          specify that output path can be overwritten
    -n N                 show n data points