Similar Python Tools is a general purpose EVM library that is created and maintained by the Ethereum Foundation. Although and ctc have some overlapping functionality, they focus on different things. supports full wallet functionality, whereas ctc is currently limited to read-only operations. also supports a greater variety of communication protocols including websockets.

On the other hand, ctc is primarily aimed at historical data analysis. It contains more functions for aggregating historical datasets from various on-chain protocols. Additionally, is primarily synchronous, whereas ctc is primarily asynchronous.


ape is another general purpose EVM library that aims to improve upon in a variety of areas. Ape features direct integrations with many tools for both the development and deployment of smart contracts. Ape has plugins for many popular languages and tools including vyper, solidity, foundry, and hardhat.


ethtx is a library for decoding and summarizing individual transactions. You can see it in action at Although ctc has its own transaction summarizing capabilities, it is currently much more limited than ethtx when it comes to tracing internal transactions and revealing the resultant state changes. These types of features may come to ctc in a future release.