dex pools

    ctc dex pools TOKENS [options]

    list dex pools

    ctc dex pools CRV
    ctc dex pools DAI --dex balancer
    ctc dex pools DAI --created 14000000:15000000

    TOKENS               token symbols or addresses (separate using spaces)
    --update             run update to index all recently created pools
    --created CREATED    specify start and/or end of when pool was created
    --dex DEX            name of dex (e.g. balancer, curve, uniswap-v2)
    --factory FACTORY    address of pool factory
    --all-pools          display all pools instead of just the first 1000
    --compact            use compact view for higher information density
    --verbose, -v        show additional data
    --json               output data as json
    --csv                output data as json
    --export EXPORT      file path to save output to
    --overwrite          specify that output path can be overwritten
    --sort SORT          column to sort pools by