Compute Subcommands


Click on a subcommand to view its documentation page.

    ctc <subcommand> [options]

    ctc is a tool for historical data analysis of Ethereum and other EVM chains
    if using ctc for the first time, run:
        ctc setup
    for quick lookups of an address, block, tx, or timestamp, run:
        ctc QUERY
        where QUERY is an address, block number, tx hash, or timestamp

    to view help about a specific subcommand run:
        ctc <subcommand> -h

compute subcommands:
    ascii                   convert hex to ascii
    checksum                compute checksum of address
    decode                  decode EVM call data
    hex                     convert ascii to hex
    keccak                  compute keccak hash of data
    lower                   convert to lower case