ctc can log outgoing RPC requests and SQL queries. This functionality can be enabled or disabled using ctc setup.

Logs are stored in the ctc data dir:

  • ./logs/

  • ./logs/

Running ctc log in the terminal will start a watching script of the log files. This provides a detailed view of external queries as they happen, which can be useful for debugging and ensuring that external calls are happening as expected.

Logs are written to disk using a non-blocking queue, making it suitable for async applications and imparting minimal impact on performance. These logs are also rotated once they reach a certain size (default = 10MB). However, being non-blocking also means that the timestamps in the logs lose a bit of temporal precision, and so they do not provide a precise picture of event timing.

Logs are managed by the Loguru package. Loguru must be installed for logging to be enabled (pip install loguru).

Other monitoring

Beyond the built-in logging, the best way to monitor ctc is through standard 3rd party tools.

Recommended utilities for profiling resource usage:

If your situation calls for a more programmatic monitoring approach, then you probably already know what tools you need.