Basic Usage

The top-level ctc module contains functions for generic EVM operations:

Example: Generic EVM Operations

import ctc

some_hash = ctc.keccak_text('hello')

encoded_data = ctc.abi_encode_packed((400, 6000), '(int128,int128)')

eth_balance = await ctc.async_get_eth_balance('0x6b175474e89094c44da98b954eedeac495271d0f')

erc20_balance = await ctc.async_get_erc20_balance(

events = await ctc.async_get_events(

Some points to keep in mind while using ctc:

  • ctc uses functional programming. Instead of custom types or OOP, ctc uses simple standard datatypes including python builtins and numpy arrays. There is no need to initialize any objects. Simply import ctc and then call functions in the ctc.* namespace.

  • ctc is asynchronous-first, which allows it to efficiently orchestrate large numbers of interdependent queries. Special consideration is needed to run code in an asynchronous context.

  • ctc is designed with historical data analysis in mind. For any query of EVM state, ctc aims to support historical versions of that query. Most ctc query functions take parameters that can specify a block or block range relevant to the query.

The top-level ctc package covers generic EVM operations, which are described in more detail here. There are also a few other ctc subpackages that are relevant to specific use-cases described below.

RPC Client Subpackage ctc.rpc

ctc.rpc implements ctc’s custom RPC client. This client can be used for fine-grained control over RPC calls. Unless explcitly told not to do so.ctc will automatically encode requests to binary and decode requests from binary.

Example: get bytecode for contract, at specific block, using specific provider

import ctc.rpc

contract_bytecode = await ctc.rpc.async_eth_get_code(

Protocol-specific Subpackages ctc.protocols

ctc.protocols contains functions specific to many different protocols such as Chainlink or Uniswap. See a full list here.

Example: gather complete historical data for Chainlink’s RAI-USD feed

from ctc.protocols import chainlink_utils

feed_data = await chainlink_utils.async_get_feed_data('RAI_USD')

Other Subpackages

End users of ctc probably won’t need to use any of these directly.

  • ctc.cli: command line interface

  • ctc.config: configuration utilities

  • ctc.db: local cache database

  • ctc.spec: ctc specifications, mainly types for type annotations

  • ctc.toolbox: miscellaneous python utilities