Click on a subcommand to view its documentation page.

    ctc <subcommand> [options]

    ctc is a tool for historical data analysis of Ethereum and other EVM chains
    if using ctc for the first time, run:
        ctc setup
    for quick lookups of an address, block, tx, or timestamp, run:
        ctc QUERY
        where QUERY is an address, block number, tx hash, or timestamp

    to view help about a specific subcommand run:
        ctc <subcommand> -h

available subcommands:

    admin subcommands
    config                  print current config information
    config path             print config path
    download-proxy-abi      download proxy abi for contract
    log                     display logs
    rechunk-events          rechunk events by specific chunk size
    setup                   run ctc setup wizard

    compute subcommands
    ascii                   convert hex to ascii
    checksum                compute checksum of address
    decode                  decode EVM call data
    hex                     convert ascii to hex
    keccak                  compute keccak hash of data
    lower                   convert to lower case

    data subcommands
    abi                     display abi of contract
    address                 summarize address
    address transactions    output all transactions from address
    block                   summarize block
    blocks                  output information about blocks
    call                    output result of a call
    calls                   output the result of multiple calls
    db connect              connect to database console (proceed with caution)
    db create tables        create tables for database
    decompile               decompile contract abi
    erc20 balance           output an ERC20 balance
    erc20 balances          output ERC20 balances of blocks / addresses / tokens
    erc20 transfers         output information about ERC20 transfers
    eth balance             output ETH balance of address
    eth balances            output ETH balance across blocks or addresses
    events                  get contract events
    find                    search for item in directory
    gas                     output gas summary of block range
    transaction             summarize transaction

    protocol subcommands
    4byte                   lookup 4byte signature
    4byte build             build local copy of 4byte database
    4byte path              show paths of local 4byte database
    cg                      output coingecko market data
    chainlink               output Chainlink feed data
    chainlink ls            list all Chainlink feeds
    curve pools             list curve pools
    ens                     summarize ENS entry
    ens exists              output whether ENS name exists
    ens hash                output hash of ENS name
    ens owner               output owner of ENS name
    ens records             output text records of ENS name
    ens resolve             resolve ENS name
    ens reverse             reverse ENS lookup address
    fei analytics           output data payload for
    fei depth               output FEI liquidity depth information
    fei pcv                 output summary of Fei PCV
    fei pcv assets          output summary of Fei PCV assets
    fei pcv deposits        output summary of Fei PCV deposits
    rari                    summarize fuse pool, token, or platform
    rari pools              list all Rari fuse pools
    uniswap burns           output information about pool burns
    uniswap chart           chart price action of uniswap pools
    uniswap mints           output information about pool mints
    uniswap pool            summarize pool
    uniswap swaps           output information about pool swaps

    other subcommands
    cd                      change working directory to ctc-related location
    help                    output help
    record help             record help output to an html or svg file
    version                 print cli version