Asynchronous Code

ctc uses async functions for network calls and database calls. This allows for high levels of concurrency and makes it easy to dispatch large numbers of complex interdependent queries.

async is an intermediate-level python topic with a bit of a learning curve. If you’ve never used async before, you should probably read a tutorial or two before trying to use it in ctc.

To use async functions, they must be run from an event loop. These functions can be called from synchronous code as follows:

import asyncio

result =, input2))

If you are using IPython or Jupyter notebooks, you can directly await the async functions inside code cells without using

result = await some_async_function(input1, input2)

If your code opens up network connections, you should also close those connections at the end of your scipt. For example:

from ctc import rpc

await rpc.async_close_http_session(provider=provider)