Useful Aliases

ctc makes it simple to perform many tasks from the command line. However, ctc can be made even more simple by using shell aliases that reduce the number of required keystrokes that must be typed. The ctc codebase includes an optional set of cli aliases for this purpose.

Such aliases make it so you do not need to type the “ctc” before a subcommand name. For example, instead of typing ctc keccak <address>, you just type keccak <address>. Instead of typing ctc 4byte <query>, you just type 4byte <query>. And so on, for many different ctc subcommands.

The ctc setup wizard can add these aliases to your shell configuation.

The Aliases

These aliases are chosen so as not to conflict with any common CLI tools.

# compute commands
alias ascii="ctc ascii"
alias hex="ctc hex"
alias keccak="ctc keccak"
alias lower="ctc lower"

# data commands
alias abi="ctc abi"
alias address="ctc address"
alias block="ctc block"
alias blocks="ctc blocks"
alias bytecode="ctc bytecode"
alias call="ctc call"
alias calls="ctc calls"
alias dex="ctc dex"
alias erc20="ctc erc20"
alias eth="ctc eth"
alias gas="ctc gas"
alias int="ctc int"
alias rlp="ctc rlp"
alias tx="ctc tx"

# protocol commands
alias 4byte="ctc 4byte"
alias aave="ctc aave"
alias cg="ctc cg"
alias chainlink="ctc chainlink"
alias curve="ctc curve"
alias es="ctc etherscan"
alias ens="ctc ens"
alias fei="ctc fei"
alias gnosis="ctc gnosis"
alias llama="ctc llama"
alias rari="ctc rari"
alias uniswap="ctc uniswap"
alias yearn="ctc yearn"