Data Subcommands


Click on a subcommand to view its documentation page.

    ctc <subcommand> [options]

    ctc is a tool for historical data analysis of Ethereum and other EVM chains
    if using ctc for the first time, run:
        ctc setup
    for quick lookups of an address, block, tx, or timestamp, run:
        ctc QUERY
        where QUERY is an address, block number, tx hash, or timestamp

    to view help about a specific subcommand run:
        ctc <subcommand> -h

data subcommands:
    abi                 display abi of contract
    abi diff            display diff of two contract ABI's
    address             summarize address
    address txs         output all transactions from address
    block               summarize block
    blocks              output information about blocks
    bytecode            get raw bytecode stored at address
    call                output result of a call
    call all            display outputs of all contract's read-only functions
    calls               output the result of multiple contract eth_call's
    chain               display chain_id of provider
    decompile           decompile contract abi
    dex chart           display candlestick chart of DEX pool trades
    dex pool            show information about a pool
    dex pools           list dex pools
    dex trades          get DEX swaps
    erc20               display information about ERC20
    erc20 balance       output an ERC20 balance
    erc20 balances      output ERC20 balances of blocks / addresses / tokens
    erc20 transfers     output information about ERC20 transfers
    eth balance         output ETH balance of address
    eth balances        output ETH balance across blocks or addresses
    events              get contract events
    gas                 output gas summary of block range
    proxy               print proxy information about contract
    proxy register      register custom proxy implementation of a contract
    storage             get value of storage slot
    symbol              convert ERC20 address to symbol, or symbol to address
    timestamp           get block of timestamp
    tx                  display transaction data, receipt, call data, & logs